Best Mobile App Development Tools For A Business

Having an awesome mobile app for your business is swiftly becoming the most vital in an age where almost 95% of people of developed nations own a mobile device. Plus, in an era where you can quickly build up your most desirable app in mere few minutes, you really have no valid excuse not to create one.

However, there are virtually so many incredibly marvellous mobile app development tools out there today it can really make your head spin. But then the question arises: How do you know which mobile app development tool is best to use? How smartly you can avoid paying too much for the tools you simply don’t need in actuality? Do you really need to become a full-fledged developer to use them?

Well you don’t need to worry – We have covered almost everything here. We will give you a comprehensive comparison of the best mobile app development tools and complete guidance on which ones are the most suitably right for your app suiting perfectly to your budget.

You’ll also get a much better understanding and know-how of some incredible programming languages.

Here’s what we’ll comprehensively cover in this complete mobile app development guide:

1. What is by definition a mobile app?
2. ‘Best Mobile App Development Tools’ that are available open source?
3. Awesome Hybrid and Cross Platform seamless Mobile App Development Tools
4. Highly engaging ‘Native Mobile App Development Tools’
5. Fast and secure build Mobile App Development Tools
6. Best Mobile App Development Tools meant for Android
7. Best Mobile App Development Tool with amazingly no coding needed
8. Enthralling Windows Mobile App Development Tool

Let’s take a deep dive into the details now!

1. What Is By Definition A Mobile Application?

Before we talk mobile app dev tools, we need to understand what a mobile application actually is.

A mobile application, very frequently referred to as an app, is a specific type of application software creatively designed to smoothly run on a mobile device, such as a tablet or a smartphone.

All robust Mobile applications provide users with almost similar services to those realistically accessed on Personal Computers, such as virtual monitoring, online banking, accessing email, or even visualising their calendar. Apps are usually very small software with sophisticated limited function, perfectly designed for a acutely specific purpose.

Mobile applications are also frequently referred to as Web apps (despite they aren’t actually the very same thing), Android apps, online apps, smartphone apps or iPhone apps.

Now that you very well understand exactly what a mobile app is, along with what are the best tools to develop a mobile application; let’s now find out some amazing open source mobile app development tools.

2. Best Mobile App Development Tools That Are Available Open Source

Open source app development tools can be a real boon to today’s developers majorly due to their amazingly free nature. Here are some great open source mobile app development free tools you can choose from:

Framework 7

Framework 7 used to be formerly iOS only, but now it amazingly offers great Android support as well. If you really want to develop an entirely great app that exactly looks and feels like a sophisticated clean iOS app even on platform of Android, then Framework 7 is just rightly for you. It’s also really very easy to well understand, as long as you priorly have a much decent knowledge and understanding of HTML, CSS, as well as JavaScript. Notable features of Framework 7 prominently includes Material Design UI, a truly custom DOM library, 1:1 perfect page animation, seamless native scrolling, and lasting XHR caching as well as preloading.


BuildFire.js is a brilliant cross platform library used to creatively build custom functionality. It allows extremely unlimited customisation with almost nothing but JavaScript, which makes it one of the most easiest and nicest to implement awesome frameworks. BuildFire.js gives its developers the perfect ability to shortcut almost 80% of all the tiresome app development process by smoothly leveraging any of the 45+ great open source plugins that superbly exist and simply tend to focus on the custom functionality that is intrinsically required.

3. Awesome Hybrid and Cross Platform seamless Mobile App Development Tools

Here’s a precise list of cross platform very well supporting perfect hybrid mobile app development tools to choose from:


Dropsource was creatively built for developers to smoothly and easily design, build, as well as launch iOS and Android apps acutely from the web browser. They effectively use drag as well as drop features and actively allow you to immediately connect apps with any point of RESTful API. They use highly automated programming so as to generate clean as well as concise source code right for you. Once they directly launch, the price will be ranging from $20 to $75 per month.


Appcelerator mainly uses JavaScript so as to create native code, in association with claimed benefits in performance. It open handedly offers over 5,000 APIs for the sake of iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and HTML5. If you’re looking for high performance as well as loads of features, then Appcelerator is just for you. It’s not merely the easiest tool to learn, but in reality you’ll get much plenty out of it exactly once you do.

4. Highly Engaging ‘Native Mobile App Development Tools’

Native mobile apps are very carefully created specifically so as to interact with a single unified operating system. Since they work with that particular system, they can positively take advantage of the software and amazing features built into that specific platform.

Here are some native mobile app dev tools:

Fastlane: It’s extremely useful to automate tasks. It’s very much handy on CI because you can easily run these tasks and actively deploy the application straight away and directly from there.

CocoaPods: It’s the most demanding and popular dependency manager available on iOS. Most of interesting iOS projects use it for the sake of fetching external dependencies along with integrating them right into their projects.

Screenhero: You can simultaneously do pair programming while being remote. You can effectively share the screen in parallel with another person and then you’ll be rightly able to strength-fully control it with help of two cursors and keyboards.

Zeplin: Extremely useful tool to make use across designers as well as developers. Designers can even share the beautiful designs with you just by using this tool. The developers can creatively explore the designs without even having to communicate with the designer.

5. Fast and Securely Build Rapid Mobile App Development Tools

Rapid mobile app development (RMAD) tools very quickly allow you to create a perfect app without much detailed use of code in a very quick manner. Typically, RMAD is frequently utilized in order to develop incredible apps that are “really good enough” to perform all their function. They are cheap and quick beyond expectations.

Here is one of the best rapid mobile app development tool:

Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere is an incredible database-oriented, quick RMAD tool that greatly excels at seamlessly creating hybrid mobile apps that entirely work offline (thus allowing you to smoothly work on them). It realistically allows you to creatively build good apps very quickly, on the basis of strong performance as well as a native-like look and fresh feel. The typical price of Alpha Anywhere is around $1,499 per year.

6. Best Mobile App Development Tools Meant For Android

Android Studio

Android Studio, as previously mentioned, is Android’s official totally free IDE.


Eclipse is a truly wonderful free open source most demanding Android developer tool as well as IDE. However, it also greatly boasts a swift and active forum in association with collaborative working groups.


IntelliJDEA’s goal is to accurately make the entire development a memorable and enjoyable experience. They have incredible features like collaborative in-depth coding assistance, perfectly quick navigation, enduring clever error analysis, and dazzling refactorings.

Corona Labs

While just previously mentioned above, Corona Labs are here because it’s really an excellent tool meant for developing Android apps as well as games.

7. Best Mobile App Development Tool With Amazingly No Coding Needed


EachScape is a great cloud-based drag-and-drop perfect editor for effectively creating native iOS as well as Android apps and the HTML5 Web apps.

EachScape is just free to start, but in real sense you have to pay so as to publish.

8. Enthralling Windows Mobile App Development Tool


Xamarin is being originally owned by the Microsoft, it is indeed perfect for the real sake of developing windows mobile apps.

The Bottom Line

There are more than even you can imagine uncountable mobile app development tools available out today. They totally vary in price, entire complexity, the usability, and a many more other ways.

Once your mobile app is built, just don’t forget to focus on creative promotional strategies for instance creating a totally unique app icon.

Intact, if you don’t have the ample time or energy to dedicate in building your app, then just don’t worry –You can hire one of IncisiveSoft professionals to build A to Z everything amazing it for you.

What are your all time favourite mobile app development tools? Any reason you like them? We would love to know in the comments below!

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