5 Top Android App Development Trends For 2018

Almost each year we witness something newly emerging in the world of ever growing technology. Some years back the power of Android progressively burst into the prospective IT world and made a growing revolution there. In addition, innovative mobile app development trends of this entire system are still rapidly propagating the minds of users. All this we will positively prove it in this entire article. Our subject will definitely emphasis you that Google does its level best to positively impress their users and seamlessly change this era by virtue of mobile development tricks.

Famous and popular trends in Android app development may just apparently seem unlimited. Since there are many sorts of Android-based apps, the mobile app developers set a reachable goal to amaze even the most appealing sophisticated users across the world with something very unusual. This particular year of 2018 will surely bring us something new specifically in the form of exciting Android products.


Let’s discuss first: What are Instant Apps? For instance, you are required to use a particular app, but it is not readily installed on your mobile phone, and an instant mobile Internet connection doesn’t readily allow its instant installation from Google Play store. To facilitate users with quick and instant access to potential Android apps, Google developed powerful and highly agreeable Instant Apps.

* By means of just one click you will be immediately able to download apps quickly like very usual web pages. Moreover, it would definitely not be downloaded to your particular portable device in its full fledged size. It will be gradually installed only in fragmented part.

* It is certainly worth noting that the rapidly emerging Instant Apps traffic is accurately comparable to the contemporary casual web page traffic. In this way, our cell phones as well as the tablets won’t be entirely full of various sort of applications that we require only for once.

As in the case of Google, it will certainly make some amount of profit owing to the growing increase of web searches as for now only approximately 30% of apps are being installed through an inquisitive web search. But, the Instant Apps’ technology has an exceedingly great potential. This fact is very much indisputable.


Is the utter security of your mobile apps significant to you? This particular question is very much unlikely to have a non-affirmative reply. Striving to utterly satisfy particular consumer’s potential software security requirements, Google is intensely planning to significantly improve the full-fledged security of the dedicated Android’s operating system.

The core of instant app is using a quickly agreeable runtime permissions model seamlessly integrated into Android 6.0 – an amazingly safe as well as secure feature. It certainly means that the developers are selflessly working hard to create mobile operations very much safer.

In addition to this, the apps’ total security will be commendably increased owing to completely automatic potential security updates that will rapidly make interactions with the mobile app much easier as well as safer. There will be certainly more permission requests to bring into use a specific app.

In nutshell, we definitely hope to foresee an entirely new and integrated security features in the field of mobile operating systems in this upcoming year.

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