Key Steps to Successfully Building a Great Mobile App

Building a marvellous app may seem a daunting task if you’re not a developer. You may think on the lines that building a mobile application can take about several months and even it could cost anywhere right from several thousand dollars stretching up to several hundred thousand. No need to say, you’ll definitely want to do almost everything you can possibly do right before you start building up your mobile app so to ensure you’re perfectly on the right track.

Being the owner yourself of any customary start-up, IncisiveSoft mobile app developing experts suggests you these ten key steps you will find profoundly helpful in get you move forward in perfectly right direction.


The foremost step as well as the most important thing you practically need to do before getting yourself started is to carefully research and investigate all the ins and outs about your idea. Fortunately, this particular stage doesn’t actually cost much and you can easily do most of it all by yourself. Start out by proactively searching the mobile app stores. Here, we are not just referring Apple but also the contemporary Google Play, and comparatively look for analytical point of difference among all competing products. There are currently over 1.5 million apps cumulatively in both the mobile app stores, so it’s very much unlikely that your particular idea will be entirely unique.


You may ask family as well as your friends for their utmost honest feedback. If you anytime plan to sell your mobile app, just simply ask them if your app is something interesting to them and if they will be willing to pay for. If the case is valid, so, how much would they pay? Would they actually make practically any in-app purchases? What are exactly the similar products they are particularly using now? What are the actual hurdles for them to completely switch to your app (the possible reason may be: lost historical data, data corruption, leaving a social network much behind) Would such users by actually willing to switch by any means?


How will your mobile app make huge sum of money? If you actually give a thought, almost around 95% of the total revenue earned in all the app stores directly comes through the top most in-app purchases. In this regard, these questions are very important to answer: How does your mobile app appropriately fit into this model? Will you charge your mobile app customers to download your mobile app? Will your app be totally free but still have advertising? If so, how will that content of advertising fit within the entire experience? Do you practically intend to build up an audience circle and later try to financially monetise that entire audience? If so, you would practically need to raise up several rounds of great venture capital just like that of Snapchat or Pinterest, for instance.


How absolutely unique is your mobile app and what amazing it offers? The more simpler it is to deeply explain, the more easier it will be for your target audience to deeply understand it. The more distinctively unique it is, the more more likely clients will seek it out after you give a thought to its launch.


In the utter competitive app landscape, the reality behind possessing proven talent, both in the area of design as well as development, is fundamentally critical. To find a perfectly talented designer, simply start by insightfully reviewing all portfolios and deeply looking for all samples related previous work that’s a perfectly visual fit with what you’re actually trying to achieve.

The notion of design is indeed much more complex in comparison with the look of the app. The in-depth user experience is just as critically important than the apparent way it looks. Take the required time to download and then try out the apps your selectable potential designers have customised-fully built. Think on the lines: are they really easy to understand or confusing? Google’s Mobile App UX Principles are a perfect guide which has tips on how to perfectly create an indeed great user experience.


One of the most outstanding ways to determine the all rounder skill set of any potential developer is to deeply review code that they’ve produced. You can also inquire them to work on the basis of logic as well as coding tasks in order to see how they all perform. Be very sure to take a closed look at their complete portfolio. Download as well as play with apps that they’ve built and practically test them out. If you don’t carry the technical expertise to analytically review their work, you can hire a well experienced project manager; such as with IncisiveSoft to assist you recruit a great developer.


You have to be be very sure to have a perfectly realistic budget with abundant room to full-heartedly spare. It’s a solely great idea to swiftly allocate as much as around 30% of the total with regard to the contingencies. In addition to this, you’ll also need to perfectly set aside quantitative money to work on the basis of iterations of your app.


It’s fairly unlikely that the very first version of your mobile app will be accurately perfect. So, you may hardly expect to continue in the matter to refine it. After your very first release is over, you’ll have certainly meaningful feedback from all your users which is going to certainly leverage you for the upcoming next version.


The moment you have the perfect app for your prospective target market, it’s high time to get the right word out about it. This is because the app stores have nearly twice as many of the apps today as they had about 18 months ago, and this can be really daunting to get perfectly noticed. Is there a productive niche your positioned product will proactively appeal to? It’s high time to start there and look beyond to build up advocates right within that audience. The advocates can really help you spread the entire word and break out into much larger markets.


No app made to date is ever complete. Listen to all your potential users and find out exactly what they’re actually asking for. Keep a perfect running wish list defining of all the features you can creatively build when you have enough time. Also be positively sure to plan in order to make changes each and every year when there are positive updates to all the operating systems in access.

By following these ten tried and tested steps, you’ll be definitely on your way to a great app store success.


IncisiveSoft is a great company where businesses of all sizes can readily find talented professionals belonging from multiple disciplines as well as categories. If you carry an emerging business and are desperately looking forward to get projects done, consider immediately getting a free quote from us or comment us to serve you in any capacity!

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